Online Language Conference for Teachers and Parents
January, 22-25
5 p.m. CET

Little LinguaHackers 2018

8 proven methods to help your children
to acquire 3 or more foreign languages
simultaneously from birth!

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3 reasons to start learning foreign languages from an early age

The ability to speak foreign languages is the key to endless opportunities in the globalizing world we live in today.

What you learn as a child is carved in stone. What you learn as an adult is written in the sand. Up to age six children are language learning machines. That’s how nature made them!

If you want your kids to be successful in a globalizing world, teach them foreign languages!

Children are capable of anything!

Five-year-old Bella Devyatkina from Moscow knows seven foreign languages.
In addition to her native Russian, she speaks:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
Your children can do this, too. Only 2 things are necessary to achieve this kind of results:
You will get access to both at our online conference!
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Speakers and topics:

Richard Simcott

Richard Simcott has appeared in international media as one of the most multilingual people on the planet. He has studied over 50 languages and uses around 25 of them regularly for work and his social life. He’s the founder and organiser of the annual Polyglot Conference (
Born and raised in the UK, Richard now lives in Skopje, Macedonia, with his wife and daughter. He decided to give his daughter the gift of language, by passing on his knowledge of French, Spanish and German, in addition to her native English and Macedonian.
Formerly Richard used his language skills at major international events, when he was a member of the British Diplomatic Service. Nowadays Richard worked as Languages Director for the social media management agency, The Social Element, where he works with language specialists and other polyglots to find language solutions for the company’s clients’ social media projects. His role and location afford him ample opportunities to use his language skills every day.

Stefano Suigo

Father-of-two Stefano Suigo is a language enthusiast and a professional freelance translator as well as a language tutor from Milan, Italy. Even though he grew up in a completely monolingual environment in his home town, he has had a life-long romance with languages: today he can speak 9 and is continuously taking on new challenges as well, currently working on Mandarin Chinese and Icelandic at the same time. He holds university degrees in Translation and Interpretation as well as in Applied Languages and Cultural Studies. He has been living in Brussels for a while now, and his two children are growing up trilingual.
Recently Stefano has started to share his passion for languages both by helping other learners as a language tutor online and by making videos on YouTube; his young YouTube channel dedicated to language learning is called "linguaEpassione".
Here are the links to Stefano's websites:
YouTube channel:
Tutor profile on Italki:

A strategy for raising children in a multilingual environment

Irina Ukolova and Andrey Ukolov

Irina and Andrey are the parents of Maxim Ukolov, a young polyglot who speaks 6 languages and was featured on the show “Best of the best” on the First Russian Channel. They’re the owners of a multilingual kindergarten called “Multilingua” where children are raised in a multilingual environment.

Multilingualism as a primary developmental tool.

Tetsu Yung

Tetsu Yung was raised in a multilingual/multicultural setting that was created both deliberately and by chance, which allowed him to be exposed to 5 languages by the age of 6 and 10 languages by the age of 20. Today, Tetsu is fluent in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. Now as the father of 3 children, ages 5, 4 and 1, Tetsu is determined to raise his kids to become multilinguals just like himself by applying precisely the same time-tested concepts and strategies that his parents used with so much success, but using modern tools in current settings. He is the author of the eBook "Pampers to Polyglots: 7 ideas for raising multilinguals like me".

Pampers to Polyglot: Creating the perfect environment for raising multilingual children.

Irina Fedorova

Hi, I'm FrancoMaman,
I speak 4 foreign languages myself and I've always dreamed about my child becoming multilingual. That is why I started teaching him French from birth.
My approach? We work a lot with videos and music and I create new games and I develop presentations for our classes.
This is how my French course FrancoMaman "French with Mom" ​​was born. Based on my own experience I have selected the best French teaching methods to help parents teaching French to their children.

About me:
I'm a teacher, translator and author of the French course for children "French with Mom FrancoMaman".
I graduated from French College in St. Petersburg and I got a higher education degree at Perpignan State University (France)
The four foreign languages I speak: English, French, Spanish, German.

How to teach 4 foreign languages simultaneously from birth. French with mum - what to start with?

Rita Rosenback
(the UK)

Rita Rosenback is a Family Language Coach, speaker and author. Her book “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” is an easy-to-read guide for parents navigating them across the “Seven Cs of Multilingual Parenting: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, Culture and Celebration”. On Rita’s website you can find more than 300 posts and Q&As on the topic of raising children to speak more than one language. Rita is a Finland-Swede, now living in the UK. She has two multilingual adult daughters and is currently helping to pass on Swedish to her grandson.

Choosing the right language strategy in a multilingual family.
- different strategies, their pros and cons;
- what to take into consideration when deciding on the right approach;
- and what to do if circumstances change.

Ilya Frank

The author of "Ilya Frank’s Reading Method" and passive language learning method. More than 300 books written in 58 languages have adapted Ilya Frank’s method. He is a Germanic philologist, a qualified translator of German, Romance and Oriental languages. He can read books in 20 languages.

What can parents who speak any foreign language do to help their child in quick learning of reading in this language, and dealing effectively with listening as well.

Program of the conference

January, 22
5:00 p.m. CET - Richard Simcott
6:30 p.m. CET - Tetsu Yung, "Pampers to Polyglot: Creating the perfect environment for raising multilingual children."

January, 23
5:00 p.m. CET - Stefano Suigo, "A strategy for raising children in a multilingual environment"
6:30 p.m. CET - Irina Fedorova, "How to teach 4 foreign languages simultaneously from birth. French with mum - what to start with?"

January, 24
5:00 p.m. CET - Irina Ukolova and Andrey Ukolov, "Multilingualism as a primary developmental tool."
6:30 p.m. CET - Rita Rosenback, "Choosing the right language strategy in a multilingual family."

January, 25
5:00 p.m. CET - Ilya Frank, "What can parents who speak any foreign language do to help their child in quick learning of reading in this language, and dealing effectively with listening as well."

This online conference is for:

  • Mums and dads
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers who are looking for new teaching methods
  • Anyone interested in learning
    foreign languages!
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What participants say about our conferences:

Elena Ulyanova

Thanks a lot for organizing conference for polyglots. Such events are of great importance for me. Special thanks go to all speakers for interesting and useful information. Your example and tips raise additional interest and motivation to study languages.

Larry Here

Thank-you for this great event! Having a session in German was something I especially enjoyed as a German learner! Using other languages in some of the sessions was a great idea and a special treat for those of us who are native English speakers looking for opportunities to improve in our chosen languages.
It would be great if this could be expanded to other languages such as French, etc., even if it is a polyglot speaking in that language and not a native speaker.
I was so happy to hear a German native speaker, thanks so much!

Anzhelika Huhtala

I really like this conference !!! Very interesting presentations and lovely speakers. I have motivation to learn new languages again :) I got good tips that help me in my language learning.
10 days went fast. It was first conference like that and I really hope that it will not be the last one. I'm already waiting for the next one :)
Thanks to everyone who was organizing this conference (Lucas, Jan, Oleg, Ruslan and all your team).
Thank you, speakers, for interesting topics and that you have shared your own experience and knowledge with us. <3

Piana Mariela

Great conference. I'm so glad it is online, It makes it so easy to attend to. I was really excited to hear Lýdia Machová, because she is such an inspiration for me. I've listen to some really interesrting topics and perspectives, and met people who experience the same journey of language learning.

Elena Grib

I like this great conference - it's amazing. 3 hours of English listening every day for 10 days! Very good experience and it's nice to understand almost everything what different speakers with different accents say! And they share very interesting technics of learning languages. I'm even thinking that I would like to learn not only English

Olga Agafonova

Thank you for the idea of international polyglots conference online. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to such excellent speakers. It was a great listening practice! I am inspired by these smart people. There were a lot of useful approaches and findings on language acquisition. I appreciate this experience very much. Thanks in large part to the conference I`m on the way to learn French.

Vera Sukhoverkova

I agree.The conference was a super event! I liked it a lot! I got a lot of enjoyment and listening practice! It's nice to have a journey through the languages! Thanks a lot for all people that made it!!!

Elena Ivanova

The conference is super useful and interesting for all people loving languages and cultures. I really enjoy it. A lot of different subjects, amazing persons, great tools and tips. Thanks to all participants and a team!

Lucia Slobodníková

It was an interesting conference, I really enjoyed listening to all the polyglots and their different approaches to language learning and also hearing people speak different languages. Thanks to all of them and also to Jan, Lucas, Ruslan, Oleg and other people who made it possible. Looking forward to the next conference.

Radka Julínková

Really great conference, very interesting talks and amazing speakers. Great hacks! I highly recommend it! Thanks a lot!!! ;)

Zoya Reshetnikova

Thanks a lot for this nice and useful conference! It was a privilege for me to be a participant of this event!

Ais Huz

Thank you all for the incredible conference! Thank you for a great opportunity to see all those amazing people and to hear their own stories. It was awesome!

Zegtouf Dhia Eddine

Really great conference , Amazing speakers and hacks from all over the world, thanks for giving this opportunity

Alexandra Virstiuk

Great conference!!! Brilliant! Thank you everyone for organizing it, for your efforts! Thanks a lot to every speaker for interesting presentations, tips and sharing your own experience! It was really enjoyable! Looking forward to the next one!

Wang Kevin

Thank you for hosting such wonderful conference. Can't wait to watch those talks that I missed during the conferece days. Please announce it asap. Thanks! :-)

Sarka Bernict

Thank you for this amazing conference. There are so many interesting speakers: I really enjoy it. Thanks.

Andy Willer

Great conference. Brilliant idea. Keep up the good work.

Irina Zhaldak

Thank you for this great marathon. It was very interesting and motivating. I hope to be invited to the next event soon!

All parents wish the best for their children and try to pass on as much knowledge and skills as possible to them. However, no one can guarantee that the ability to play the piano or dance the waltz is going to bring real benefits in the future.

The ability to speak foreign languages is a different story! One can be absolutely sure that this knowledge is going to be a great benefit for them. Do you want your children to become successful in a globalizing world?

Teach them languages!
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